Farm To Table Restaurants

The Reason We Work With Farm to Table Restaurants

Up until now, the restaurant business has been predominately chain and corporate casual dining options. With the popularity of organic food and local sources of that food, the enlightened customer looks for restaurants who support their choice of lifestyle. Local restaurants who support local farmers have been in the spotlight for the last several years. 'Farm to table' is a restaurant with either their own private farm or a restaurant that acquires a majority of their ingredients from local farms whenever possible. Jenny Stern, the founder of Markit Rockit also values this type of business model and finds it enjoyable to help farm to table restaurants grow organically, just like the food sources they support. Farm to table restaurants can be cafes, gastropubs, distilleries, breweries, and fine dining. Even though the restaurant industry can be very difficult, restaurants that have consistent and effective marketing have had an increase in customer loyalty and event response every year.

See What Our Clients Have To Say...

Bistro de la Gare

Project Plan

Jenny Stern has been working for my restaurant since 2013. She has been an excellent team member for Social Media Marketing and she has shown that she can take initiatives and Web Designer managerial decisions. She is reliable, trustworthy and enthusiastic. I would highly recommend her for any employment in general and for Web Designer and Online Advertising work in particular.

Chef Owner Bruno Morin // Bistro de la Gare

Plate 38 Restaurant, Bar & Grill

Monthly Plan

Jenny handles everything related to marketing at our restaurant for the past 4 years. She is available for last minute projects and can handle multiple events within a month. We bounce ideas for promotions and offers valuable insights to the latest trends. I recommend her to any other restaurants who need a boost in their marketing efforts with event promotion, menu design, email, social, and website redesign. I have tried many marketing consultants and businesses in the past, but she is the best I've worked with.

Chef Owner Robert Humphreys // Plate 38 Restaurant, Bar & Grill

Marketing Service Plans

Select the best option for your business goals and budget.

Time & Materials

Some projects require flexibility, are repetitive, or just need a quick fix. That's where Time & Material pricing comes in which is also appropriate for hourly projects such as in-person consultation, photo shoot, art direction and design work. In these cases, we offer our clients time and material pricing. Rates are as low as $35/hour and materials are usually based on stock photo use and templates used on an as-needed basis. We track our start and stop times which is then reported in the invoice. All templates are preapproved by the client before purchasing. At any time a T&M project can be put on hold for up to 30 days. 


For customers that require multiple projects every month, we suggest a monthly rate that is an at-will, no contract relationship. There is no obligation to continue and the monthly rate is invoiced for the work done in the previous month. The rate is based on your restaurant's individual requirements, to include: email marketing, social media marketing, graphic design, website updates, SEO, blog posts, event promotion, etc. Markit Rockit considers their clients as partners and understands that the relationship needs to have good chemistry. The first month is a trial run and after that, if both parties agree to continue in a collaborative marketing environment. This includes last minute changes, any and all marketing updates that are outlined in the initial agreement. Our goal is to grow with you seeing your business goals achieved.  

Project Pricing

Not all restaurants need marketing every month or all month long. Some restaurants prefer to offer events and elect to make changes to their menu and website on a seasonal basis. In that way, we make it easy for the Chef to effectively communicate the details of their event, menu update, advertising campaign, and PR announcement to their customers. Projects are defined by tasks then quoted based on an initial phone consultation. A quote can be provided upon request. Drafts and details are reviewed, then finalized by the deliverable deadline.